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Thank You for your interest in our woodworking firm. Recent years have seen a revival of timber framing. Our timber framed homes provide an aesthetic charm enhanced by the warmth of exposed timbers. This time-proven craft melds the structural and architectural integrity of hand-cut joinery with today's superior insulating techniques. These homes reflect our concern for energy efficiency, and the fact that timber frames stand for many generations also allows careful use of our valuable timber resources.

Timber Frames

We can design a Timber Frame to compliment any building style. A preliminary estimate can be provided from information in the form of a rough drawing indicating dimensions, floor plans, and front and side elevations.


Mostly hand tools are used to cut mortise and tenon joinery with the same precision and attention to detail given a fine piece of furniture.

Along with timber frames, we offer:
  • Structural Insulating Panel (S.I.P) enclosures
  • Stairs
  • Furniture
  • Specialty Millwork
  • Flooring

These services are available to anyone in our region, however, over great distances, we prefer to provide the frame only, since enclosure and finishing can usually be provided by local labor at less cost to the customer. We gladly provide technical advice to the customer and subcontractors (foundation, plumbing, electrical, etc...) so that construction of your new home will be as pleasant as possible.

Gazebos, Porches, and Decks

We also offer timber frames for other applications. Their strength and durability is ideal for decks, garages, sheds, gazebos, stables, barns.

Stairs & Railings



Furniture & Accessories

Finished Homes